About UC Investments

UC Investments is a company specialized in global solutions together with local partners. For over 20 years UC Investments has experience with international trading and is specialised in fuels and energy. UC investments provides equipment for energy production and distribution. We also distribute products within our worldwide network of clients in collaboration with other stakeholders.

As  a company UC Investments is involved in many different fuel and energy production technologies and consumption chains. UC Investments has therefore wide experience with different technologies and energy solutions. Renewable energy can provide a solution for the world’s most pressing issues: our energy security, our economic wellbeing, and the stability of our global climate. These challenges require near-term solutions as well as investments in nascent technologies that show promise for the future. UC Investments works to deploy renewable energy and energy-efficient projects across the globe and is committed to foster technologies that could yield substantial benefits over time. The creation of chain collaboration is one of the pillars which distinguishes the company from the mainstream market.

Fuels of the future

UC Investmentsfocuses its business on the growing demand for (renewable) energy and commercialization of technologies that will allow a more efficient fuel production and utilization. In the last two decades UC Investments has established itself on the evolving energy and fuel market. In light of recent developments UC Investments has decided to found a new company; UC Investments BD Ltd with its office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to focus locally on the growing economy and adjacent issues like energy demand and growing waste problems.