Bio Based Supply

Bio Based Supply is looking for solutions to apply high quality waste streams to tackle sustainability issues. We examine residual flows from different companies in order to optimise these. BBS takes responsibility for this chain; from the moment the residual flow arrives to the final product.

Various machines and processes need to be developed for this purpose. This can be done on the basis of existing techniques. We adapt existing techniques so that they are suitable for the use of residual flows. This does not have to be a major change, but it does mean that machines can process residual flows. It is therefore possible that techniques from other sectors are applied to new sectors. We also look at innovative techniques.

Circulus BV

BBS is currently working closely with Circulus BV. This production machine is capable of converting residual flows into a composite material. In this way, the residual flow is seen as a raw material, because it can be re-applied within this machine. In addition, BBS works with a party from Germany that has another machine at its disposal. This machine can apply other residual flows, which increases our possibilities.