Liquid gas equipment (LNG/LBM)

UC Investments is supplier of liquid natural gas (LNG) and Liquid Petrol Gas (LPG) equipment for vehicle fuelling and industry. Our products include compressors, storage systems, and LNG/LPG parts. The most superior application of biogas is in the form of liquid bio methane (LBM). Biogas typically consists of methane (50-75%), carbon dioxide (25-50%), nitrogen (0-10%), hydrogen (0-1%), hydrogen sulphide (0-3%) and oxygen (0-2%). By means of liquidification the biogas to LBM these contaminations are removed and nearly pure methane is obtained. LBM therefore has a higher energetic value compared to natural gas and therefore has a wide array of applications in industrial and logistic sector. LBM does not contribute to long cycle CO2 emissions and is therefore a sustainable fuel. UC Investments provides equipment for LNG / LBM production and distribution. We can also distribute LBM within our network of clients in collaboration with partner company United Gas Netherlands.


Bio gas production equipment

By the fermentation of biomass the combustible substance biogas is produced. Utilization of biological waste streams decreases the waste problem and can supply in the increasing demand for energy.   UC Investments provides equipment for the conversion of biomass to biogas specified to the situation, specific biomass, capacity and location. UC Investments is also engaged in the development, planning, construction and operation of these plants.


Bio mass equipment

The demand of biomass in the world is constantly increasing. As an alternative to petroleum based fuels biomass does not contribute to long term CO2 emissions. Biomass in crude form can be pelleted or pressed as briquettes and can be distributed and traded internationally. UC investments provides equipment to produce biofuels from biomass. These include anaerobic biogas power plants, pyrolysis power plants and gasification power plants.