United Gas International

United Gas Nederland is a relatively young and small company with a large ambition. United Gas develops new methods to convert waste streams into durable products and renewable products or applies existing techniques in an innovating way. This in order to obtain an economical variable solution for current waste and energy issues. Utilization of waste streams for energy and raw material is a strategy can be a solution for both the waste and the energy challenge. Our goal is the practical implementation of renewable technology in an economically viable way. We identify potential interesting waste streams and provide innovating solutions and setup the chain for waste steam to biomass, raw material, energy or product.

Innovation and development


As biomass can form a valuable source of bio energy and products United Gas aims at better utilization an availability of this raw material. In the Netherlands we are working, together with stake holders, to convert the waste stream “grass” into useable biomass. This waste stream is currently converted into a soil improver at high cost. United Gas has developed a method to improve the biomass quality enabling the production of energy and raw materials.

Renewable energy

The demand for renewable energy is growing due to public awareness and international commitments. The ability to locally produce energy enables international independence. United Gas explores the opportunities to produce different forms of renewable energy like; biogas, hydrogen, green electricity or algae oil. Together with biogas producers United Gas researches the implementation of the liquefaction of biogas to LBM for a more economical business case.


By producing multiple products, biorefinery can take advantage of the differences in biomass components and intermediates and maximize the value derived from the biomass feedstock. Next to the production of biogas grass biomass can provide fibers which are utilized in the plastic industry to produce composite materials. United Gas researches the fiber- and the composite-properties to develop renewable products. These agrofibers can be put into plastic composites to increase physical properties of the material.

For more information about Bio-Based Industries, please visited our website: www.unitedgasinternational.com